Buying a new home can be one of the most important financial decisions you will make. Getting to know all about the home before moving forward will give you the tools and knowledge to make an informed decision. Our full home inspection covers top to bottom, all of major systems and components of your home, following the InterNACHI Standards of Practice. We document the homes condition by reporting on the functional and safety related deficiencies of the homes major systems, including the exterior, roof, foundation, crawlspace, structure, site drainage, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fireplace, attic, insulation, ventilation, doors, windows, interior, appliances, and more.


Full Home Inspection

A full home inspection covers top to bottom, all of major systems and components of your home. From the interior, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems to the exterior, roof, attic, and crawlspaces.

4 Point Inspection

Oftentimes your Insurance company will require a 4-point Inspection to continue or begin coverage of your property. This inspection covers your homes roofing, plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems.

11 Month Warranty Inspection

Most home builders provide a 1 year home warranty. There may be issues with your home unknown to you. Prior to your home warranty expiring, at 11 months, we will comb through your home providing a full home inspection covering all the major components and systems in your home. If defects are found and repairs are needed, the report that we provide may allow you to have your home builder repair any defects under warranty.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Home owners can find ways to save money on insurance premiums by having a Wind Mitigation Inspection performed. We look for the presence of wind related construction features and advice implementation if your home is missing the necessary components. Having these wind mitigation features can result in large insurance premium savings.

Infrared Home Inspection

With each full home inspection we leverage infrared thermal imaging technology to investigate even further into your home. This allows us to see beyond the eyes and locate a variety of potential problems in your home, including electrical hazards, draft points or missing insulation, plumbing leaks, and even roof leaks.

WDO Inspection

Banks, mortgage companies, and private lenders will often require a wood destroying organism inspection prior to financing the purchase of a home. WDO inspections thoroughly cover visible and accessible signs of wood destroying organisms like termites, powder post beetles, old home borers, and wood decaying fungi. We work with our expert 3rd party Pest Control companies to facilitate the WDO portion of your inspection.